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  • I have a healthy constitution and a 78yr old mom who’s on NO MEDICATION because taken herbal supplements for over 40yrs. So earlier this year I went to Africa. A not very smart female-mosquito bit me and I contracted malaria. I’ve been use to listening to my body & I’m sure my system was fighting those parasites before I even realized what was happening. So I didn’t want to take the medication they gave me and other then what was given in the hospital (the quinine) I called Dr. Price from Africa and he said DO NOT take the antibiotics and my body was in complete agreement with that. He said my system knew it was in an alien environment and that when I arrived back in the states I would be fine. Although many people thought I was going to die – I believed the report of The Creator! Followinng his recommendations and when I returned to the States, started on a regimen…6 months later I’m still doing great!!! Dr. Price is sent from The Creator to earth to help His sons & daughters DO RIGHT!!! Thanks Dr. Mar-Mar!!! You’re Amazing!!! SHALOM SHALOM

  • Trust me he is the REAL DEAL! He literally looked in my eyes and told me everything that’s going on with me physically and emotionally! I am so grateful to have met him today 🙂

  • After 7+ years, 10+ prescriptions, 2 surgeries and 1 year of allergy shots multiple times per week, I still had “sinusitis.”

    After 1 meeting with Dr. Lamar Edward Price in 2013 and within 3 months of following the regimen, all symptoms of the supposed illness were gone. My sinuses were clear of mucus and inflammation. I had no idea that I could breathe so clearly. I’d never had so much energy (naturally) in my life.

    I have not taken any medicine since that day. I hadn’t got sick in over 2 years. When I finally did last Christmas, I know it was due to what I was consuming. I overcame that cold by changing what I was putting into my body.

  • I recently had a physical, results were high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar and I refused to take pills (I don’t even take aspirin). My cousin referred me to Dr. Lamar and I started the regiment and it has completely changed my life!!! And my Mom!!! We are eating healthier, walking, feeling great !! Can’t thank him and my cousin (for the introduction) enough for this life changing experience!!

  • Amazed that someone with the amount of knowledge and expertise on healthy lifestyle will take the time to work one on one with you. He has been sent by God to help everyone that wants to receive his message. Dr. Price is a blessing to Mankind.

  • When my granddaughter told me about Dr. Price I truly was skeptical. Had a lot of doubts. She was so adamant about me seeing Dr. Price., so I did. This man told me everything about myself. All the surgeries I had in my life. But what really amazed me is when he told me I had had some brain damage due to a accident back in the 70’s. He told me that I wasn’t a diabetic, which I was told I was. That my cholesterol was slightly elevated and to keep an eye on it and it wasn’t bad enough for medication which I was taking meds for, too. Dr. Price said that my heart was good but I did have some lung damage. I already was told I have a healthy heart and I do have COPD. I went and had some blood work at the hospital AFTER I STOPPED ALL MEDICATIONS. THE RESULTS AMAZED ME! All tests came back positive, as if I was still taking the meds. I quit all meds and I have not felt this great in years. I am 63 years old, I walk an average of 10 miles 4 to 5 days a week. Again thank you Dr. Lamar Price.

  • KNOWLEDGE is POWER and so is having Dr. Lamar as MY Dr.! I started the regimen 4 weeks ago and followed the Dr.s’ orders. Now I must confess that I feel like a new person, dropped 3 dress sizes. Now I have a lotta SWAG….GOD bless and cover Dr. Lamar in the Blood of JESUS.

  • In March of 2015 I was told that I had stage 2 breast cancer. I went through 6 months of chemo and through radiation. After removing what they called a cancerous tumor I was told that I need to go through 8 more months of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation. My body was already tired from the previous treatment of chemo. I was short of breath, weak, I could barely walk down my hallway or get up on my own sometimes. I had nerve damage in my hands and feet so bad that I could not even button my own shirt or wear closed toe shoes.

    BUT then I met Dr. Lamar Price. After the exam, he told me that that chemo was destroying my heart and other organs. He didn’t know I just had a EKG done and the results came back abnormal. After the information he shared with me from the Word of God and his medical and nutritional background, I decided to stop the chemotherapy and the radiation. I began a regimen and followed his recommendations. And I feel so much better and stronger and healthy. I no longer have pain in my hands and feet. Not only can I walk down my hallway but I am walking 5 miles and even running a mile in 11min 36sec.!! It was the Grace of God that allows me to meet Dr. Price, and I thank and praise God for using him to help me get on a path of healthy living….. CANCER FREE NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN, IN JESUS NAME.

  • Dr. Lamar is absolutely God sent. My husband was seriously ill, he was seen by so many doctors and made repeatedly emergency room visits after seen the doctors. The doctor’s gave different diagnosis, but none were accurate.
    He was prescribed so many different types of medicines, the meds were making my husband’s condition worse and were actually coming close to killing him. MEDICINES WERE NOT THE ANSWER! End results, they did not know what was going on with my husband or what caused his illness.

    After one visit, one examination from Dr. Lamar, he was able to determine what was going on in my husband’s body. Dr. Lamar said my husband was near death, put my husband on a regimen, replaced the table full of meds, etc….

    It has been more than a year now and ALL the Glory to JESUS, my husband is healed. “We are what we eat.” The things we put in our body could destroy us. Medicines do more harm to your body than the illness itself.

    God has blessed Dr. Lamar with tons of knowledge on healthy living, I suggest he writes a book. If you or if you have love ones that are ill, talk to Dr. Lamar, he will explain everything to you on the Natural, Physical, Mental and Spiritual level. If you follow his regimen to the T you will see great results.

    My husband and other members of my family is a witness that Dr. Lamar’s practices work. Dr. Lamar also take care of other family members and they can testify that his plan works.

  • Even though I am generally healthy and have been into exercise and a plant based diet for over 20 years, I originally met with Lamar two years ago for a “baseline” diagnosis. Luckily, I was generally healthy, however he picked up on my compromised lungs and stomach issues through my iridology exam. I followed the regimen! Now, every time I’m feeling funky, I got the tools and know what to do to get myself to an optimal state of health.

  • I was experiencing numbness on my jaw, pain in my ear and dizziness. I went to the hospital and their immediate solution was to place me on an anti-seizure medication for the rest of my life. I was referred to Lamar, had an exam and started the regimen. Within days, I felt like a different person. Ever since, I have not looked back and now the healthiest I have been under Lamar’s guidance. I cannot thank Lamar enough for the way I feel nowadays!

  • As a cancer survivor, I was a bit freaked out when a small lump on the right side of my neck swelled to the size of a baseball. Months prior, I felt tired and a general malaise. When I initially saw the doctor, they were talking to me like it was already cancer. My wife had already been treated by Lamar and insisted I see Lamar. Lamar gave me an regimen that I followed for 3 months. A week after I started the program, I saw a difference. The lump that was once thought to be a tumor, liquefied. I immediately felt better with his regimen and my energy improved. I’m normally not a guy that deviates from western medicine so this was a complete leap of faith that totally paid off!

  • What can I say. I don’t have words to express how much I thank you for coming to Macon to help out at the seminar. You saved someone life yesterday by spotting early signs of something that could have developed into cancer. For that I say thank you. The information was to much to store. But, I’m well equipped with the wealth of information to help my family before sickness try to take place.

  • I truly thank The Lord for allowing me to attend a seminar. Dr. Lamar is so full of knowledge and a great Iridologist and thoroughly explains to you what’s going on in the body. The herbal regimen for my stomach and boy believe me it working on me today. 🙂 I’m on my way! Thank you Dr. Lamar!

  • I’m a female, 29 year old in fairly good shape and received the most informative doctors consultation from Dr. Price than any other consultation I’ve ever received. The daily regimen gave me more of a cleaner and healthy solution with factual information to back up why the treatment was to be effective. I am forever thankful to Dr. Price for his wisdom and insight into a healthier lifestyle. The single most important trial Dr.Price assisted me though was my dietary lifestyle change during pregnancy. Accompanied by the regimen, plenty of water and absolutely no prenatal vitamins the entire 9 months! I delivered a healthy baby boy 6 pounds, 22 inches long! Actually he deliver himself, labor lasted all of around 30 minutes he pushed out with very little pain and fast. My baby came out in clear fluid with no white build up on his skin. He is around 1 month old now, very alert and moving fast. I do not plan to vaccinate and will continue with my daily regimen!

  • Thank you Dr. Price for teaching us that food is our medicine and medicine is our food. It’s been a year now since not taking the Nexium. Love my detox and veggie blend drinks. You changed my life. Thank you again..

  • The information covered in Lamar’s lecture is priceless! (no play on words) and he’s just a call away if you have any questions. Nope! I’m not getting a kick-back. I believe that what Lamar has to offer, is too valuable ‘not’ to be shared!

  • My sister in-law referred me to Dr. Lamar Price. I was so desperate I didn’t care what he did as long as he could tell me what I needed to do to get better. He told me things only my mom and I knew. I was given a regimen to follow. I did everything he recommended and then some. When I talked to Dr. Price I had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, going through menopause in the worse way. The only way I can describe what I was going through was doomed, like I wasn’t going to make it out of whatever was going on with me alive. As of today my A1C has gone down to 5.5, no more diabetes, but cholesterol is down enough where my doctor refuses to give me medication, and no more high blood pressure medication.

  • I can write a whole essay on Dr. Price but I will keep it simple. Dr. Price as a human being first and foremost is a man of integrity, honesty, passion and has compassion for Humanity. These character attributes bleed into his career of inspiring and uplifting God’s children for success and healthy living. Follow his advice and the quality of life you live will change drastically.

  • Well, I truly thank God for my brother, he is awesome educator. I was dealing with depression and anxiety not realizing my brain was out control;however, I was not drinking enough h20.
    Once I read about Ashwagandha I said this was for me. I am in love with me again in order to love someone else. When I met Dr. Price I was so amazed by his testimony, wisdom and knowledge. He has taken action to help US. I do BELIEVE! Thank you Dr. Price

  • My mother complained of constipation for 5 years or more due to an iron pill prescription she was put on by her PCP. She was also given prescriptions by her doctor for the constipation. One even cost over $200 which she did not buy. Nothing worked including anything over the counter. She did the eye test. Without telling Dr. Price, he saw that she was constipated. She followed his recommendations and is no longer constipated. She suffered with several symptoms over the years as well such as fatigue, no energy, stomach cramps, and stomach bloating and more.Can you imagine going through this for 5 years or more? Oh an she turns 80 this summer and is ready to continue to live life as God intended with great health, joy, and peace. Thank you Dr. Price!

  • I am so grateful for Dr. Price! I can’t describe how much knowledge he pours out to you not for material gain, or to be “noticed” but he truly cares about you. I trusted him with my baby and asked how about the whole milk issue. He advised me that my son did not need milk. He advised me to use the milk God gave me to give to my son and that it was the best and then move to Almond milk. I followed his advice and saw other children constantly sick, noses constantly running, coughs, congestion, ear infections throughout the daycare. My son has never been sick. He is almost 2 years old. My Mother didn’t understand and was worried, the doctor’s warned against it. Now they see I was right by way of Dr. Price!

  • Words can’t even come close to describe how much pain and suffering have been overcome because of the knowledge that Dr. Price passes on. I would rather live one year if I had him in my life than 100 years without. Don’t wait to use his advice, be consistent and strict with the regiment he gives you, and you or your loved ones will suffer no more.

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